Portable Two Way Radios


When it comes to instant communication, there is no method more efficient or secure than portable two way radios. Also known as “walkie-talkies,” our portable radios are used in industrial, commercial and private settings all across Canada.

With just the simple push of a button, our Motorola brand portable radios are the simplest way of connecting with others. As a Motorola Solutions Gold Channel partner, our company also carries a variety of headsets and accessories to enhance your radios’ abilities. In addition to use for business, portable two way radios are also ideal for private or public consumer use.

Our portable radios are durable and affordable, and are the answer to your communication needs. With our portables, you can easily coordinate with co-workers, staff, management, family, or friends! Below are all of the Motorola Solutions portable radios that our clients all across Canada are currently using.

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